Malibu Sunshine

The weather has been kind of funky here lately.  Summers in San Francisco is not known for being particularly warm.  September – November is actually the best time to visit – known as our “Indian Summer” period, when the fog has cleared.  This year it’s been particularly cold though.  I had to accept last week that the sun isn’t coming back and that it’s time to put my hat back on during my early morning commute to work.

So it’s time to remember a little sunny weekend trip Hubby and I took back down to Los Angeles, courtesy of a free hotel stay that we won from the Westin Bonventure hotel.

People like to make fun of Los Angeles and say it’s a cultural wasteland.  That is not the case.  The Los Angeles region is full of artists, fashion designers, writers, painters, etc. etc.  You just need a car and lots of time to get anywhere that’s all.

Malibu is home to the Getty Villa.  I’ve visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles numerous times but didn’t visit the Villa until last year.  Like the Center, admission is free though there is a $15 charge for parking.

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Lately, the Getty has been involved in quite some controversy and lawsuits over proper title of some of the works in their collection.  They had to return some works back to Italy because of improper acquisition and the investigation is ongoing.

It’s a wonderful place to visit, even if you’re not into art (like my Hubby), because of the wonderful architecture, gardens, and view.  Who doesn’t like exploring a rich person’s villa filled with exquisite Italian art and set in sunny Malibu next to the ocean???

After visiting the Villa, we went to get some drinks at Moonshadows.  We parked across from it and made a mad dash across the Pacific Coast Highway – which is not recommended for those who don’t like to literally run for their lives (just valet).  I had to smack Hubby to go across and guide my little sister across. As you may recall, this is where Mel Gibson was pictured with some female fans before getting pulled over drunk and embarking on his racist tirade.  It was very nice sitting outside, enjoying a drink, and watching the seagulls below.


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