The Amazing Race: how would I do???

I don’t watch much TV but one of the shows I would make time for is The Amazing Race.  My sister kept telling me about it when she first watched the show years ago.  I didn’t watch an episode until maybe a year or two later.  While I absolutely love the show, I’m sad to say to say that I’ve never watched a season in its entirety.  I’ll start off following it but then drop off towards the end.  I guess I just have an extremely short attention span, even for TV.

I’m rooting for the Asian kid and his dad.  It’ll be awesome to see the old man kick some young butts!   The son, Kevin, actually has a YouTube channel where he makes funny videos with his dad. I think every Asian American kid can relate to Kevin’s hilarious relationship to his dad.

I do joke with Hubby that we should apply.  My brother-in-law said that he would definitely watch if we got on, if only to watch me scream my head off, which I do quite well.  Here is how I predict we would be like on the show if we ever got on:

– Hubby will take his time reading the map while I frantically run around screaming trying to find a local to guide us.  By the time I’m able to get directions from someone, hubby will have already figured out the way.

– I’ll do horribly bad at any challenges that require logical thinking – any puzzles, riddles, and clues.

– I’ll push and run my ass off during any physical challenges.  I will also shove anything down my throat for a million bucks.  Hubby chews his food twice as long as everyone else so we’ll lose if he has to eat anything really fast.

– We’ll start bickering about 10 minutes into the race, fueled by my need for Hubby to give me guidance and his inability to do so since he looks to me for guidance.

I’ll never be able to apply and win though since I don’t know how to swim or drive a stick.  Hubby has tried to teach me how to swim and it hasn’t worked so far.  I blew out the transmission on my ex’s car when he tried to teach me several years ago and I’ve been too afraid to try since.  Hopefully by the time I learn these two skills, The Amazing Race will still be chugging along.


One thought on “The Amazing Race: how would I do???

  1. My husband and I have talked about applying for the show ourselves. We even made a parody video of ourselves as contestants for our friends and family. My husband gets all bossy, and I cry a lot in it, and get intimidated by going down a slide. It was great fun to pretend… I secretly feel like I could win if really given the chance.

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