San Francisco World Series Celebration vs. Holland World Cup Celebration

So as you may have heard, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!  Neither Hubby nor I know anything about baseball.  The only time we’ve ever really watched a game was the two or three times we went to AT&T Park.  We pretty much thought baseball was a pretty boring game but like going to AT&T Park because it’s beautiful and it’s always fun to be part of the crowd, drinking beer and eating hot dogs.

We watched every World Series game.  I’m surprised how fun we found it to be. Of course, when you have the two best teams playing against each other, the games will automatically be more entertaining and action-packed.  I hooped and hollered whenever San Francisco made a good play.  Even hubby, who never makes much noise, made some, LOL.

It’s been fun seeing orange and black, the Giants’ colors, everywhere.  This past Wednesday, the city organized a parade and celebration for the team. The parade went through the Financial and shopping districts and ended up in front of Civic Center, where the mayor presented the coach with a key to the city and people made speeches.  In true San Francisco fashion, the players were transported through the route in cable cars.  They estimate about a million people were there.

Our mayor Gavin Newsom must’ve been on cloud nine the whole day.  Not only did the Giants win, but he won the California Lieutenant  Governor seat the night prior.  Arnold Schwarzenegger even made an appearance.

I was stuck at work so could only watch a live feed of the action.  Seeing the celebration, where many people were wearing orange, orange confetti was thrown, and there was a big orange red carpet, I was reminded of the party Holland threw to welcome their soccer (football) team back home after their bid to win the World Cup.  While I’m sure the SF celebration was certainly fun, I have to agree with hubby that it had nothing on Holland’s celebration.  Imagine if they had actually won!  The simple fact that they could drink in the streets and had a world-famous DJ automatically makes Holland’s party better.  Us Americans are just too puritan for that.

What do you think?


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