Mixing cultures over Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t believe that 2010 is drawing to a close already. I’m actually at work right now, which is not as bad as it sounds as I get overtime for not really doing much. Just gotta be in the office in case someone really needs to travel somewhere urgently or perhaps needs a dinner reservation cause their turkey burned up ya know? I get off late afternoon so I still have the whole day for Thanksgiving.

Anyways I’ve never had a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner growing up. That’s what happens when your Chinese parents are totally not integrated with American society. Thanksgiving was just another day for us. Now that we’ve all grown up we’ve started the habit of getting together for Thanksgiving, albeit still not a traditional one. One year I got all excited and made a casserole, only to go to my brother’s house where my sister-in-law had made squid (squid?!?! Can I at least get some chicken or duck?!?!) and questioned what a casserole was. Even my twin asked what a casserole was. Seriously, have ya’ll been living in a cave?

The good thing is that now we go to my twin’s house where their lovely live-in nanny makes delicious food, including a big fat turkey. There’s a Filipino twist to the meal so we also have macraroni, rice, and mashed potaotes, with hardley a vegetable or fruit in sight LOL.

So it’s an interesting mish mash of cultures. Chinese, Filipino, American and, now that I’m made to a super hardcore Dutchie (as Hubby is getting more and more attached to his culture the longer he is here in the U.S.), Dutch. Last year we brought along some brussel sprouts and pea soup. Who knows, maybe my little sister will marry a Mexican American and there will be some tamales soon.

Update: Brother-in-law got sides from Boston Market so in addition to yummy home-made Filipino food, we got the traditional candied yams, stuffing, etc. I’m a happy camper this weekend!


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