December in San Jose del Cabo – Part 1

This time of year reminds me of when Hubby and I went to Cabo for a few nights before Christmas. I didn’t have any particular burning desire to go to Cabo but it just so happened that a resort, Cabo Azul, that was recently featured in Conde Nast Traveler was offering a massive sale on Travelzoo. We got such a great deal for the newly opened resort that it ranks as one of the best value for our money of all time (travel wise). Now that the resort is established and has made a name for itself, there’s no way we would be able to afford to go now. Perhaps maybe in a few years we’ll be able to make a return stay.

Everyone knows about the timeshare sharks waiting to snatch up innocent tourists at the San Jose del Cabo Airport. I prepared myself to walk straight past everyone and not stop. Unfortunately I had to go to the restroom when we landed so I told Hubby to wait for me right outside the restroom. I knew that if Hubby walked off on his own, a timeshare shark would immediately pounce on his innocent face. And of course when I come out, I find that a man is enthusiastically questioning Hubby on our plans for vacation, whether we wanted to reserve this or that for a big discount. I grabbed him, said “No Thanks,” and went straight to our shuttle driver.

The scene from the airport to Cabo Azul was a bit desolate. Mostly just saw roadside shacks selling cheap beer which Hubby got excited. When we arrived at the resort, a nice lady sat us down to discuss the amenities and our stay. The one thing we really wanted to do in Cabo was a sunset cruise so that was booked immediately. A nice man took our luggage and walked us through the resort to our 1-bedroom villa.

Cabo Azul is BEAUTIFUL. The 1-bedroom villa is larger than our apartment at home and probably likely larger than most 1-bedroom apartments anywhere. Now, Hubby and I really aren’t the kind of travelers that just cocoon themselves in a resort. I usually make fun of people who spend all their time lying beside the pool, never venturing outside to explore the city and its inhabitants. I admit though that Hubby and I did spend most of our time in the resort and the beach. We loved getting up late, doing nothing but lounging around and eating.  Relaxation is what we needed.

The property is actually a timeshare so a lot of reviewers have complained about being pestered by timeshare presentations. No one ever asked bugged us about it though. I guess we’re not the timeshare demographic.

Just look at the pool! I spent many hours lying inside the futuristic looking pods that protected me from getting sun burnt. Every once in a while a pool attendant would come around to give us fresh sheets and take our drink and food orders.

We did venture out to Cabo for a day and to San Jose del Cabo’s downtown another day. Next post: San Jose del Cabo – Part 2.


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