Sonoma Coast

I think I’m just about to fall asleep right now from too much spaghetti, so forgive me for my rather short post. The Sonoma coast is so beautiful though that the photos alone are more than enough. From Healdsburg we headed to the coast. Along the way is the southern part of Dry Creek Valley, a rural area full of redwoods, evergreens and wineries. Dry Creek Valley is like Napa Valley in that you can drive from one winery to the next but that’s pretty much the only similarity. Dry Creek Valley is largely unexplored by visitors so it’s perfect for those who want one-on-one time with wine growers. There weren’t many cars on the road even though it was a beautiful weekend day.  We drove along Westside Rd, past the wineries (unfortunately we had to reach the coast before sunset), past the small hippie-town Guerneville, until it became River Rd and ended at Sonoma Coast State Park. Since the day was warm, there were people out on the beaches but it was still peaceful enough to hear the waves, feel the sun and breathe in the fresh air without any disturbance. It’s days like this that I truly feel happy to have such a good life.

To read more about the Sonoma coastline, read my article at Suite101.


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