Snippets From My Vacation

Here’s some funny quotes, things I loved and general memories from my vacation:

1. Hubby pointing to a dyke when we were driving around near his hometown and asking “Remember that dyke?” “No, I don’t. Sorry but all dykes look the same to me.”

2. [Don’t love]  The endless sandwiches, consisting simply of bread, butter, meats and cheese, that I ate in The Netherlands. Still trying to get used to the fact that some cultures simply do not celebrate and glorify food like others do.

3. Exploring Heeswijk and Muiderslot castle virtually undisturbed.

4. Mother-in-law’s thought regarding Florence’s crowds: “People from all over the world come to see David’s ding.”

5. Walking along the lake in Sirmione in Italy and getting excited about getting on a boat with a handsome young Italian, only for it to turn out that he was simply the salesman while the actual boat driver was an 85-year-old man (although he turned out very nice)

6. The in-laws stopping at every street performer in the tourist areas so that they could do something funny for the camcorder, which lead to father-in-law getting “killed” by a Roman gladiator outside the coliseum in Verona and me almost getting shot by cupid’s arrow outside Florence’s Uffizi gallery.

7. Getting a blank stare or unhelpful answer every time I asked an Italian waiter a question regarding the menu.

Me: “How big is the dish?”

Waiter: “Normale…” Shrugs.

Me: “How big is normal?”

Waiter: “Normale…” Shrugs.

Father-in-law: “Which dessert is this picture?”

Waitress: “It’s a picture!”

Father-in-law: “Picture of what?”

Waitress: “Picture! It’s just a picture!”

8. Stumbling into a fancy smacy restaurant in San Gimignano, which turned out to be one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, in my shorts and flip flops. We were relegated to a table near the entryway a hallway’s length from the main dining room but no matter, it was delicious!

9. The fantastic antiques flea market in Arezzo.

10. Feeling that everyone vacationing around Lake Garda was truly loving life.

Looking down from the castle in Sirmione, Italy
A funny house in Amsterdam

And I’m back! Yeah Yeah I actually got back a week ago but, as you all probably experience yourselves, adjusting back to normal life and catching up with work took a little more time than expected. Yes, I need a vacation from my vacation, especially after the very busy one I had. Hubby and I spent a week in The Netherlands, which was pretty booked up with social events (including the very sweet cocktail party that the in-laws threw for us to celebrate our marriage), then a week in Italy and two days in Germany. I’ll be putting up posts covering the trip over the next few weeks.


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