Stumbled into a Cost Plus World Market near my place and discovered a traveler foodie’s heaven. How did I not know that Cost Plus World Market stocked quirky and irresistible specialty food items from around the world? About $100 later, Hubby and I walked out with many bottles of specialty beers, some wine, Dutch snacks, German honey, Swedish pancake mix and other small things. My favorite find – ChocoVine, a  Dutch import consisting of Dutch chocolate and French Cabernet, 14% alcohol content.

ChocoVine, where have been you been my whole life? While I enjoy you poured over some vanilla ice cream or alone after dinner, Hubby drinks his Gulden Draak, which is far too bitter for my taste but brings him indescribable joy.

2 thoughts on “ChocoVine

  1. It actually just tastes like really strong chocolate milk…creamy like Kahlua and Bailey’s. I wouldn’t get it if you’re looking for wine, it’s more of a dessert drink.

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