Enjoying the Slow Life at Agriturismo Savernano

One of the things I was dead set on for my trip to Italy was to stay in an agriturismo. An agriturismo is a working farm that provides accommodations. I couldn’t think of anything else that was more fitting for enjoying Tuscany’s slow life than to spend my days in a property where the proprietors work the land. Before you think that means staying in a dirty place that smells like animal shit, many agriturismos are modern and luxurious. Tuscany is  full of agriturismos of such luxury and personable service that they can compete with the finest hotels in the city.

When I show pictures of Agriturismo Savernano to people, they usually immediately say “Wow” and “That must’ve cost a lot!” The cost, however, was very reasonable, even during the summer.

Located in Reggello, the property is run by David and Eva, who live there with their family. It took us some time to find the place since we didn’t pay close attention to David’s directions. We drove up to another farm where a nice man came out and hand-signaled the way to us. On the road ascending up to the property, mother-in-law shrieked in laughter and commented that we were going to the middle of nowhere. EXACTLY.

We booked two rooms. Both featured rustic furniture with beautiful views of the farm’s vineyards. Even the bathrooms were spacious and beautiful.

We were starving when we got there in the late afternoon and asked David where to get some lunch. Silly us, we didn’t prepare sufficiently for the day as it was Republic Day (which celebrates the birth of the Italian Republic) and everything was closed. David, taking pity on us, kindly made us some prosciutto sandwiches. I’m not even sure if he even charged us for them at the end. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging by the pool, swimming, and exploring the grounds.

One of the biggest reasons to stay here is Eva’s wonderful cooking. They serve dinner at night, outside if the weather is nice and in if it isn’t. You just let David know in the morning if you want to eat dinner there that night. The dinner was so good that we made sure to eat there our last night. The cost of the three-course dinners is extra but the quality and amount of the food far exceeds the low price that they charge. The food there was some of the best we had while in Italy. One bottle of his Chianti was 5 euros; impossible to beat for the quality. They also press their own olive oil.

Of course, a property offering such peace and tranquility means that you need a car if you want to explore the area. We would depart after breakfast, a delectable spread that featured Eva’s wonderful omelets, pies, and tarts, tour some towns for the day, and then return for dinner.

Our last night in Tuscany was spent enjoying our dinners in the dining room. For about three hours, we drank, talked and laughed. Hubby and I then took our wine out to the gazebo and counted the stars in the sky. Staying here truly was one of the highlights of our trip. I would go back to Italy just to stay there again.

When we checked out, we learned that David practically built the property from the ground up. This is what it used to look like:

And now:

Pic from Agriturismo Savernano's website

3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Slow Life at Agriturismo Savernano

  1. We stayed at an agriturismo near Regello several years ago. It was also very lovely. I prefer to stay close to a town or village so you don’t have to drive everywhere, but they do have their charms.

    • Sorry for the late response! We didn’t actually inquire about laundry since we had no need but the family lives on-site so I’m sure there’s at least a washer, just depends if they let guests use it too. Have fun!

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