Monterey weekend

There’s nothing better than getting away for your regular routine, if only for a night. Hubby and I spent a night in Monterey, about two miles south of us, a few months ago. We’ve been there multiples times before but never really get tired of it. Plus neither of us have ever been on a whale watching tour so we decided to take the opportunity to do so.

I never tire of seeing the beautiful sites along the coast.

First stop was Duarte’s Tavern in the little town of Pescadero. By little I mean downtown consists of one block. Yet people drive from all over for Duarte’s. The establishment, whose history stretches all the way back to 1984, is FAMOUS for their artichoke soup and ollalieberry pie. If there’s one thing I like, it’s pie and I just had to see what all the fuss was about.  The wait is usually very long but luckily we got some seats at the bar. We got one order of artichoke soup, one order of calm chowder and one slice of ollalieberry pie. The soups were good. The ollalieberry pie was AMAZING. Gooey, warm, luscious ollalieberries gushed out from the sides. I practically gulped the berries down.

Absolutely satisfied, we continued our drive down to Monterey and checked into the Mariposa Inn. Check out this spa suite we had for the night:

One thing I really liked about the property, besides the fabulous room, was the spacious communal outside areas where you can congregate with friends and other travelers.

We spent the night walking around Cannery Row and had dinner at a local pizza joint. It was an early night since we had to get up early for our whale watching trip with Princess Monterey Whale Watching.

It being February, it was prime time to see some gray whales as they migrated south from the Bering and Chuckchi seas to Baja California. We did see quite a bit of whales, in addition to lots of dolphins. By seeing I mean we saw the humps going up and down, sprouts of water shooting up, and some tail flips. By law boats have to stay 300 ft away from whales. Of course, there’s no law against whales coming up to you. Alas, we weren’t THAT lucky. In the beginning of the 2 1/2 hour cruise, everyone jammed the side rails to see all they could. Towards the end, I could tell that some were very sea sick and just wished it would all end. While the whale watching trip wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life by a long shot, I’m glad I at least did once and can say I’ve seen whales doing their natural thing, as opposed to tricks in SeaWorld.

We then strolled around the pier.

Hungry, we stopped by the Paris Bakery Cafe for a sandwich and some sweets.

Fortified, we hiked around Jacks Peak County Park. The views weren’t as good as I thought; they were mostly obstructed by all the trees! Still, it was a nice way to work off the calories.

After such an eventful day, it was time to drive back to our little home sweet home. Monterey, I can’t wait to come back to you!



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