Hipster Fun in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Step aside Manhattan! If you haven’t heard or read, the borough to be is Brooklyn. Driven out of Manhattan by high rents and everything else, the young and creatives are now turning Brooklyn into hipster haven. The specific neighborhood that’s the”IT” neighborhood in Brooklyn is Williamsburg.  The September issue of Travel + Leisure has an entire profile on Williamsburg (along with TriBeCa and Harlem) as one of New York City’s most dynamic neighborhoods. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in Williamsburg myself but Hubby has. He loved the area so much that he excitedly called me around 2am EST one night during his time there, exclaiming that the neighborhood is just so cool, with young people everywhere just enjoying themselves and having fun.

He tagged on an extra night to a recent business trip to the area. He opted to stay in Williamsburg, instead of Manhattan, on the advice of a local. And like a good Dutch boy, he stayed at a property owned by a Dutch person, The Gallery Guesthouse.  While it may seem inconvenient for one night, Williamsburg is actually just right across the East River from Manhattan. The guesthouse is just about 30 mins away from Times Square by metro.  This meant that Hubby saved money, since the guesthouse has much more reasonable rates given its quality than any place in Manhattan, got to exploring an up and coming young neighborhood, and still spent some fun time in Manhattan.


While I don’t always agree with Hubby, I do trust his taste. Next time I go to New York City, I’m definitely looking forward to staying in Williamsburg and this charming guesthouse.

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