Halloween – Where have all the kids gone?

I used to be one of those people who dreaded being home on Halloween since that meant I would have pretend that no one was home while kids banged on the door or rang the door bell repeatedly, yelling “Trick or Treat!!!!!!” I hated it since many of the kids either didn’t even have a costume on (come on, at least make an effort!) or weren’t even polite, simply turning around and walking away without even a thank you.

Now that I live in a better neighborhood, in a community-oriented apartment building with lots of kids, kids who so far have always been well-behaved and fun, I look forward to passing out the candies. Sadly, the past two years have taught me that barely any kids Trick or Treat door-to-door anymore, at least in these areas. Now, they all go to the mall or some other organized event. Every year though, I buy bags of treats just in case, hoping to see at least one cute princess or Superman.

This year, the in-laws will be arriving on Halloween day from the Netherlands. They’re well-acquainted with American Halloween. It’s becoming increasingly popular, both in terms of parties and organized events and the door-to-door trick or treating.

Native wise, the closest thing they have to Halloween is something called Sint Maarten (St. Martin’s Day). On November 11, kids with lanterns go door-to-door singing songs in exchange for candy. I like this. The kids actually have to do something to get treats! That’s teaching work ethic!

Whether you’ll be donning a costume or hiding in your bedroom with the lights out this Halloween, Happy Halloween!


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