Where to go……

Having a baby has drastically changed my life. One of the most obvious changes is that I can no longer go wherever I want whenever I want. I love my baby of course but being a (mostly) SAHM drives me nuts sometimes. I feel the itch to go on an exciting trip! Hubby actually has the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. He really wanted to drive down to the Los Angeles area to just hang out and have fun. I, terrified at the thought of being on a 6 hour drive each way with a 3-month old, convinced him otherwise. Our days would be limited to just short outings anyways, not to mention that we wouldn’t be going to nice restaurants and drinking in bars like we used to do in past visits.

Now that I think about it though, perhaps we should go somewhere. Might as well take advantage of Hubby’s free time right? Not somewhere as far away as Los Angeles though. Tahoe perhaps? A few years ago I went to Tahoe with a group of friends during winter. We stayed in a private vacation home and it was fantastic to just spend our nights, after days spent skiing, lounging by the fireplace while watching the snow fall outside. In the mornings, we walked out to a winter wonderland. Winter Tahoe I wouldn’t mind cuddling with my baby and Hubby next to a crackling fire and building snowmans the next day! We’ll see what we actually end up doing. Most likely we’ll just be catching up on sleep LOL.


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