Did I make a quick dash to Venice?!?! Hardly. The week is coming to a close and as predicted we didn’t really go anywhere major, which actually turned out well since it gave us time to spend Christmas with the family, just relax, do chores, run errands and JUST BE.

We did try a new restaurant that we’ve been meaning to for a while though. Lake Chalet, from the same people that opened Park and Beach Chalet, one of our favorite places in San Francisco. Lake Chalet is located in Lake Merritt in Oakland. They’ve done a really great job with the place. Oddly, especially for someone who grew up in Oakland and would never put Oakland, CA in the same sentence as Venice, Italy, it’s also where you can get on a gondola tour of the lake.

Lake Chalet

Lake Chalet

We didn’t do the ride, since we had a baby in a stroller, but we did try out some of the food, which was pretty good. Go during happy hour and you’ll get cheap food and drinks with a great view.

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