The MET and MoMA

One of the highlights of my trip to NYC was the Museum of Metropolitan Art (MET). If you love ancient and medieval art and over-the-top exhibitions, spend at least half a day at this world renowned museum. My sis and I woke up early one morning and arrived to the institution after a short cab ride, a cab ride which by the way was my only experience with a rude New Yorker – the cab driver briskly told me not to spill my coffee over his seats when I got in. Oh really? Cause I was just planning to do that!


Anyways, much has been written about the MET so I’ll just go ahead and list my favorite exhibits:

The MET lobby

1. Egyptian Art – Mummies, pyramids, the Nile, Cleopatra….Egypt I will get to you some day. Since that day is likely a long ways off, walking through the Temple of Dendur gave me the chance to pretend that I was on a super expensive Egyptian archaeological tour.

The Met Medieval Art and Cloisters

2. Medieval Art and The Cloisters – Angels, Madonna, mythical creatures, heroes, swords, and exquisite jewelry. Went here to get my fix of Medieval European art. I love the entrance gate of the exhibit. I love Medieval art so much that I actually wanted to go to The Cloisters museum and gardens, the MET’s branch in northern Manhattan that displays the rest of the collection but couldn’t because of time constraints. Next time!

The Met Arms and Armour

3. Arms and Armour – I dare any manly man who’s not into girly art and fidgety kid to not be thoroughly entertained by the Arms and Armour exhibit. The collection of armored figures on horseback with regional flags flying above is spectacular to walk through.

The MET Charles Engelhard Court

4. The Charles Engelhard Court – Not an exhibit but I really enjoyed taking a break and just sitting here, listening to the fountain while gazing at the tall sculptures brightened by the sunlight streaming through the glass roof.

We also went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), taking advantage of their free admission during Target Free Friday Nights (every Friday evening from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.). Of course, going there when it’s free admission means that it’s a zoo and your ability to truly enjoy and take your time with the exhibits is greatly diminished. Still, it’s a great way to stretch a buck.

I’m not a huge fan of modern art but even I made a beeline for the Dali and Gauguin collections. Also enjoyed Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, which was larger than I expected.


What type of art do you prefer?

One thought on “The MET and MoMA

  1. This looks like a nice trip. I’m impressed you absorbed so much of that museum. I get into art museums and easily feel overwhelmed. I love the cherry blossom branches in those huge vases… now if cherry blossoms would just bloom for spring …

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