A Brief Trip to Hangzhou

Having the hubby away on business absolutely sucks. My hands are full with a very rambunctious and demanding 9 month old. Unlike other babies, he won’t just occupy himself for even a few minutes. Nope, he must have you with him at ALL times. If you even dare to get up to wash the dishes, fix yourself something to eat, or, Heaven forbid, use the bathroom, he will scream bloody murder. So when it’s my lonesome self taking care of him for days, my nerves get completely frazzled and my patience runs severely thin. The bright spot of having a traveling hubby however is getting to hear about his trips when he returns and getting my travel fix vicariously through him. Just recently, he returned from a week in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China. I was particularly excited to hear about and see photos from his time in Hangzhou, as I’ve heard of its beauty, in particular, its famed West Lake.

While, as expected, Hubby was disappointed in the level of pollution, he did find Hangzhou beautiful and a calm retreat from the hecticness of Shanghai. He loved the lush green landscape and traditional architecture of pavilions, pagodas and temples.

West Lake with its many tourist boats, lotus flowers, weeping willows, turtles, and stone walkways:

IMG_4478 IMG_4483IMG_4493 IMG_4477IMG_4454IMG_4453IMG_4489

The Shangri-La hotel where he stayed:


Hubby enjoyed the food he had there, in particularly this fried, glutinous rice coated with sesame seeds pancake (kinda like the sesame seed balls commonly found in Cantonese restaurants here):


The one thing he did not like was stinky tofu (not pictured). “Why in God’s name would anyone want to eat something that smells like cow shit?!?!” he asks.


The new Lei Feng Pagoda, built on top of the old ruins:

IMG_4495 IMG_4498

Bird’s eye view of Hangzhou from top of Lei Feng Pagoda. That’s Jingci Temple in the middle pic:

IMG_4503 IMG_4506 Hangzhou China

Pretty no? Hubby would definitely go back here in the future, perhaps with me in tow! As for souvenirs, he brought back a tin can of Longjing (Dragon Well) tea, a green tea beloved by the Chinese. Unfortunately, since he only brought ONE can, which I gave to my well-deserved mom, I myself have not been able to enjoy a cup of this prized tea. Dutch men and presents always leaves something to be desired *sigh*.

One thing that he particularly liked about his trip to Hangzhou was seeing the “Impression West Lake” show. It’s an epic love story told and performed on top of the water. If you thought that the Beijing Olympics ceremony was fantastic, you’ll won’t want to miss Impression West Lake, which is from the same directory, Zhang Yimou. Hubby loved the show’s main song so much that he took home a CD of it. He swears he’s heard it before and that it sounds French. Compared to my family’s Cantonese talk, which sounds loud and gruff to most foreigners, Mandarin is elegant!

Next up: Shanghai

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