Thoughts on Shanghai

Shanghai…a Chinese city so modernized and westernized that it was a good starting point for Hubby, who himself admits that some of the more traditional aspects of Chinese culture scares him, on his first stay in China. The city was everything that he expected and more actually – it was cleaner ((well street wise, not sky wise) and wealthier than he thought it would be.

His favorite section of Shanghai was Xintiandi, an area within the French Concession with lots of cafes with outdoor seating, art galleries, shops, lounges, and restaurants.

IMG_4590 Shanghai

He sat outside on a terrace enjoying a beer while watching musicians play for a while:


Facing the Bund, lined with neoclassical-style buildings from the city’s colonial past:


Wedding photos in progress:


The Bund lit up at night:IMG_4618

Shopping along Qipu Lu, aka “cheap street,” known for its endless stores selling cheap, and mostly crappy and fake, clothes.


“No picture! No picture! Okay, how much?”


Scenes from Pudong, China’s financial and commercial hub full of skyscrapers. Muskcat Coffee is apparently the hot thing now. It serves ridiculously priced coffee; ridiculously priced because it’s the famous coffee made from the droppings of civet cats, after they’ve eaten the coffee beans, in Indonesia. Hubby said a cup of this coffee is crazy expensive, like $30 – $50 a cup expensive. With the high price for a cup of this coffee, I can’t imagine how the average Shanghainese affords it!

IMG_4652 IMG_4601 IMG_4606 IMG_4655 IMG_4657 Shanghai

A German restaurant in Shanghai. No, Hubby did not insist on eating Western food – his Chinese colleagues took him there. I guess they were anxious to show him that they have good German food in Shanghai too!


His verdict on Shanghai, based on his short amount of time there – A little TOO modern and big for his taste. He much prefers a place like Hangzhou, with more traditional culture and history. Of course, I’m sure Shanghai is full of culture and history. Perhaps one just has to work harder and dig a little deeper to find it though than at other places.


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