Our apartment in Lima, Peru

We’re already thinking about where we want to vacation next year. Most likely it’ll be a Caribbean cruise departing from Miami and Holland again. If we’re feeling  particularly ambitious, we may also head off to Croatia (long shot). Another contender is the south of France. Hubby LOVES it there and it so happens that the owner of the apartment that we stayed at in Lima, Peru also has an apartment for rent in Nice, France (he lives in France most of the year). We had such a good experience staying at Rudy Ortiz’s apartment in the Miraflores neighborhood that we have no doubt staying at another of property of his will be fantastic as well. Plus it’s NICE, France so the location itself is already hard to resist.

You can read my review of the apartment on the HomeAway site, titled “Loved our stay in Lima because of this rental,” submitted April 3, 2012. It’s the first time I’ve ever rented an apartment on HomeAway and thank god we had such a good experience right away thanks to Rudy.

Besides being in a central location, large, comfortable, stylishly decorated, and within walking distance of loads of shops, restaurants, cafes, and attractions, there was one big benefit of the apartment. It’s located right next to a health foods store and cafe. We went there several times during our stay. The store stocks healthy breads, soy milk, dark chocolate, gourmet jams, etc. The cafe, located behind the store, serves up tasty pastas, pizzas, fresh squeezed juices, and desserts. You can sit in a shaded courtyard with a relaxing fountain and a funny parrot that stays in the tree (see the last two pics of the gallery). He can say “hello” and “goodbye” in both English and Spanish. A bilingual parrot!

If you’re thinking about going to Lima, I highly recommend booking Rudy’s apartment. It definitely made our stay in Lima relaxing and homey, which is hard to do in a bustling city such as Lima.

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