Sunshine and Oysters at Tomales Bay

Spent the BEAUTIFUL day at Tomales Bay with some friends. It was in the 100’s in inland areas today in the Bay Area so it was awesome to escape the heat for the Marin coast, where it was still very warm but at least tolerable. Located in Marshall, near Point Reyes about an hour and half from San Francisco, is Tomales Bay Oyster Company. You can purchase fresh oysters and clams caught from the bay and spend the day barbecuing and picnicking on the grounds. It’s EXTREMELY popular, especially on nice days. We got there around 10:30am and all of the tables were pretty much taken. For groups of 10 and under you just grab whatever table is available. If you have a bigger group, then you need to call ahead and reserve a table for a fee. It was packed by 11:30am and there were people circling around just waiting for groups to leave, which did not happen until around 4 or 5pm…

We ate, at least what I felt like, sooooo many oysters and clams and it still only came out to $10 per person!

There’s no swimming or boating on the bay but there is a little beach that people can explore. We saw lots of toddlers in nothing but their diapers. One little boy just whipped off his pants and underwear and splashed in the water. So cute.

After a day in the sun (sunburnt) and marathon eating, I’m absolutely popped. Too bad it’s so hot I can barely sleep. Now to cap off the nice weekend I just need the Netherlands to win against Portugal tomorrow by two goals for the Euro Cup!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Oysters at Tomales Bay

  1. I’m making it a goal to eat oysters from all around the world if I can. Haven’t had anywhere from California waters but the ones I see on the grill look like ones my wife and I picked at low tide in British Columbia… very tasty!

  2. Looks like a great afternoon! Those are the best when you’re exhausted but pleased at the end! It reminds of long summer days as a kid!

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